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Travelling with a teenager

By Traveller August 21, 2017

Travelling with a teenager

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By Elek Traveller August 21, 2017

I am visiting your beautiful country for first time with my 14 year old son for 4 days do you have any funny or exciting entertainment places where i could get him?also is it safe to stay around old town and be out until around 12 midnight?and last question im thinking to take one day train trip to Brasov do you think its worth and is it worth staying overnight there also?thank you in advance!any suggestion wil be much appreciated!!

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Yes, it is worth going to Brasov. Beware to the isolated places at the outskirts of Brasov as you may be surprised by wild bears coming from the wood to the litters looking for food. Especially bear mothers and her offsprings.
In Bucharest there are many attractions. For a 14 year old maybe Terme might be an interesting place to spend a day. It is a big aquatic park but he also needs an adult (you) to accompany him. Try not to use taxis picked from the street. Call by phone. Cristaxi is a reliable company. If you want to stay around Old Town by midnight you need to have somethink to come back : a reliable taxi. Or if you are in a large group it is OK to walk to the hotel (if not too far). The subway operates until 11 pm and I consider it safe. Sometimes speaking a foreign language on the street may transform you in a target for pickpockets.
Anyway I suggest you always keep your money, cards and papers close to you or better leave them in a safe at the hotel (if any).
Recently I found out about Interesting Travel Bureau, an NGO that organizes nice, out of the box tours in Bucharest. Maybe it is worth to google for it!
Local August 21, 2017
Thank you so much this thing with bears sounds bit scary lol i was just thinking for quick short trip out of capital this is why i thought Brasov would be maybe a good idea also for night i meant mostly if its ok to eat out around 9 or 10 and come back safe since im greek and eating early is impossible. Maybe i shall book a hotel with a 24 hour reception i was thinking some apartment from booking site but im sceptical now its good someone ask for us in case anything happen
Hiya!! Yes, it's pretty safe so u shouldn't worry. Brasov is very nice :) as is Rasnov. In terms of what to do with your teenager, he might enjoy the Kitsch museum as it's quite strange or the Therme.
Local August 21, 2017
Thanks so much for quick reply
HI there.
1. Staying late in the old town - ok, it's safe, we don't have guns/guns/ terorist threat. Bucharest it's a safe city.
2. Going to Braşov - very nice old town. Make a stop in Sinaia to visit Peleș Castle.
3. Funny/exciting places for teens in Bucharest? Better to ask somebody else, my son is getting out with his friends, family time means dinners out, movies and some karting / escape rooms.
Have fun!
Local August 21, 2017
Thank you you are all awesome willing to give any information
Dear Elek,
Bucharest Lipscani (Old Town) is quite safe at that hour.

Brasov is a beautiful city and the cable car to overlook the city is quite spectacular.

In Bucharest, depending on your sons' interests, maybe the Therme might be of interest.

There are several excellent parks (Carol, Tineretului, Herestrau) where he could go skating
Local August 21, 2017
Thanks Jeffrey i really appreciate your suggedtions
I hope you have a wonderful trip.
Romania is a great country to visit.
Jeffrey Local August 22, 2017