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Bars & Nightclubs Old City

By Traveller October 20, 2017

Bars & Nightclubs Old City

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By Jack Traveller October 20, 2017


I am arriving in a week in a group of nine 23 year olds.

We are looking for the best/different bars and the best nightclubs that play music and go on late in to the night. We are used to the nightclub scene so after a couple for Friday/Saturday nights?

Is there any venues that show English sports? We are looking to watch the boxing and the Premier League in the days and don't fancy just walking round trying to find something.

I believe we are staying in or next to the old town.

Also what is the weather like in the day/night at the end of November so we can come prepared!


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Now Infusion Sports bar is the best
Local April 20, 2018
Hei Jack. How weather will be it s easy to find out by a simple google action : weather in bucharest.
Regarding the nightclubs: 1. If you want to listen to commercial music including romanian music you will find plenty of clubs in the old city from monday to sunday like: Club S, Amsterdam, El comandante junior.
3. If you want mixed types of music from old to new go in Club A.
2. If you want tehno,psy,raggae,drum and base music I recommand For Friends bar&lounge, Kran, Guesthouse, Eden.

Traveller October 27, 2017
If you are staying next to the old town then finding a good place to have fun won't be that hard. There are plenty of pubs and clubs filling the old town and if you are up to a pub scroll, i'm sure there will be a place or two to attract you. As suggestions i would say Bazaar, Silver Church, and in case you're into techno music Control club(these are great places to socialise also because a lot of foreigners frequent them).

As for venues where you can watch basically any sports (especially football) i can definitely recommend Stadio and Champions sports bars&restaurants.

Our weather is pretty unpredictable so for end of November i would say during the day around 20 degrees and at night around 5. Just to make sure take some sweaters and jackets with you.

I hope my answer will be helpful and in rest enjoy your visit.:D
Local October 20, 2017
Also we are hoping to catch the Dinamo Bucharest game, how would we best go about buying tickets ?
Traveller October 20, 2017