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What to do, visit, taste in Bucharest?

By Traveller February 20, 2018

What to do, visit, taste in Bucharest?

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By Petros Traveller February 20, 2018

Me and my best friend are visiting Bucharest this Saturday and for 4nights. We are not the museum type of guys, but we definitely want to see important historic sights, interesting and unique places, explore nice areas , parks, taste Good food , have drinks in friendly bars with good upbeat vibesetc

We are a bit on a budget.... and
I would like to hear your advice on
1. Which places worth a visit?
2. Which areas/neighborhoods/parks etc worth exploring?
3. Where and what to eat? Any Romanian foods or anyway food Romanians prefer to eat breakfast, dinner, street food... anything
4. Where to have some good drinks in a upbeat and friendly environment?
5. If you would pick one place/city to visit outside Bucharest on a daily trip... what would it be?

Any tips would be welcome
Thanks guys

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Thank you all!
One last question, do you think is an easy drive to Brasov if we rent a car? Or there is a lot of snow and we will need snow chains?
Traveller February 20, 2018
Hi! I would recommend taking the train to Sinaia (great mountain town with old hoses, from there you can visit the amazing Peles Castle) because it's safer and just one jour and a half away. It's been snowing lightly this past days. Though, I don't think you need chains if you are going through the main roads. I don't recommend going by car mainly because you could get stuck in traffic for hours and waste the hole day. Also, not only the roads will be full (a lot of people from Bucharest are going to Brasov for skiing in winter weekends - hence the heavy traffic), but all the resorts as well. Anyway, you can get to Brasov by train as well. It will be nice to visit and Bran also. I'm sure you'll have a great experience any route you choose or at least an interesting one ;). Have fun!
simona Local February 21, 2018
Glad to have you here. As there are some budget constraints I would definitely try to stay away from the beaten path. While Bucharest is inexpensive compared to rest of the Europe, the usual tourist traps (mostly in the old city) have started price gouging.

1. I would suggest trying MNAC - our national museum of contemporary art is hosted inside the "visible-from-space" Palace of Parliament that was already suggested.

2. Both Cotroceni and Aviatorilor are unusually peaceful neighborhoods with 100 year old interbelic buildings.

3. Bucharest had its Bistro type revival as most of the cities in Romania, but there a few places where the architecture inside is just spectacular. You could try traditional Romanian cuisine at "Casa Universitarilor" or "National Military Palace"

4. It really depends here on style, but most 20 and 30 something tourists like starting in "Control" and than moving on to other more bigger clubs after 1-2 am

5. Brasov would be a top pic. It's so easy to get there by train and if you are into a bit of a hiking, you could go by foot on "Tâmpa"

By the way. Me and some friends decided to create an easy and ad-free guide that you can install on Google Maps. It's available @ frugalbucharest.club
Local February 20, 2018
Thanks Alen.
One last question, do you think is a good idea to rent a car and drivw to Brasov? Is it an easy ride? Or there is a lot of snow and we will need snow chains?
Petros Traveller February 20, 2018
I would skip Bucharest. Nothing exciting there. Ugly city, unfriendly people, bad vibes, nothing to get excited about. The only good thing there is the umbrella hostel. Get out of town and go to Brasov, Sigisioara, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisioara, Craiova etc.
Local February 20, 2018
Hi Petros! For no 5: Sinaia. It is one hour and a half by train from Bucharest. It's a mountain area and you can visit there also a nice small palace: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/peles-castle
Enjoy your staying!
Local February 20, 2018
Hello Petros,
Great that you and your friends will visit Bucharest this weekend. I will try to answer your questions and hopefully help you out.
1. You should visit the Palace of the Parliament because of its huge size, go to Carturesti Carusel in the Old Town, Stavropoleos Monastery, Manuc's Inn and see the inside of Caru cu Bere.
2. Explore the Old Town, but also walk along Calea Victoriei, the Dorobanti Boulevard for trendy places and for a less touristic place - the neighborhood between Magheru Boulevard and Dacia.
3. While in Romania, you should try the Romanian 'mici' at City Grill, eat dinner at Caru cu Bere and enjoy some fantastic Romanian food and music at Lacrimi si Sfinti. Romanians enjoy dishes with meat, especially pork, and various soups. For street food, try Aria Gourmet Burger near Intercontinental Hotel.
4. Go to Nomad Sky Bar Bordellos for a fun night out or, for a lower price but still a lot of fun, go to Club A or Drunken Lords. If you just want a normal pub for some beer, try Beer O'Clock, Oktoberfest or Happy Pub.
5. You should definitely go to Sinaia, Bran and Brasov on a day trip or at least to two of these destinations in Transylvania. Have fun!
Local February 20, 2018