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flamenco studio/lessons

By Local March 12, 2018

flamenco studio/lessons

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By Stacy Local March 12, 2018

Dear Locals,
I've been searching for awhile in Bucharest finding a dance studio who actually teaching Flamenco(not paso duble) or a dance studio with hard wood floor possible for renting several hrs for practicing flamenco. ( flamenco like this..
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOONaTPqPJc&list=RDQMtb7iayfTmxE )
if you happened to know some places, I'd really appreciate your help tremendously, i did rent a studio few months before, but i need to take my shoes off for practicing, it's not practical for me.
Thank you for your reply! O zi buna.

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Hi Stacy, I used to dance flamenco as well, and renting out a studio for training on my own as well, but that was in Poland ... Arthur Murray doesn’t have flamenco classes.
I would advise to contact Lucas Molina - perhaps the only pro flamenco dancer in Bucharest, he’s not teaching as far as i know, but performing actively, maybe he could recommend smth - https://www.instagram.com/lucasmolinaofficial
I looked a lot, but never found up to date info about classes in Bucharest, if you are really serious maybe you could take private classes from Lucas and combine it with private practice on your own.
Talking about renting a dance studio hourly- i found many offers here https://m.olx.ro/imobiliare/birouri-spatii-comerciale/bucuresti-ilfov-judet/q-sala-dans/
Thanks sharing your expeience Henrietta! it's funny i did try to reach Lucas 2 years ago, at least i'm not on the wrong track pursuing flamenco ; xp. The info of OLX def. helps a lot, bit cheaper than what i've rent before. I'll call and confirm the wood condition.

Your reply absoultly helps a lot, thanks and enjoy a nice day!
Well, than maybe we should open a school ourselves since the niche is not taken :)) I live in small Krakow and it had at least 20 flamenco schools!
Have a nice day too and good luck :)
nice idea! hope there'll be some students ; ) pray on my luck!
Hello! I think you can ask at Arthur Murray studio, thay teach everything there. It's a little bit expensive but it's a great dance school.
Local March 12, 2018
Thanks Oana! But the studio doesn't offer flamenco lessons. what a pity.