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Hi, is it possible to find a reasonably priced private driver for a daytrip ?

By Traveller March 12, 2018

Hi, is it possible to find a reasonably priced private driver for a daytrip ?

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By Alex Traveller March 12, 2018

Traveling to Bucharest with my girlfriend and we are looking at various options for a day trip to Brasov and two major castles (Peles and Bran). So far I've only found group tours that charge quite a bit. I've also found a handful of companies that offer "private" tours but their charges are ridiculous to say the least. In most other countries I've traveled too I can typically find a local that is willing to be a driver/guide for the day at a fraction of the cost that these organized groups charge. Not necessarily looking for the cheapest option as I don't feel like going through the hassles of navigating public transportation. Don't mind paying for convenience just don't want to get unnecessarily gouged. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Alex, we can do this private tour for your and your girlfriend for 225 EUR. This is a full day (12 hours) tour from 8 AM to 8 PM, where you will visit Peles Palace in Sinaia, Bran Dracula's Castle and Brasov old town. Private tour with local driver and guide. Just let me know when you need it. Our company is: www.click2travel.ro
Local March 13, 2018
Hi Alex, Romania doesn’t have the best public transportation, so you are right to look for private options 😉 I found this company https://www.romaniatransfers.eu/en/book/private/289 - their price starts from 230 EUR/round trip from Bucharest to Brasov. Also this company is letting you rent a car together with a chauffeur http://www.travis.ro/en/rentacar - it adds 35 EUR/8 hours; I guess it’s a good deal 👌 Hope this helps, if you need more info - let me know!
Thanks! I will look into the second option you gave as it appears to be the most cost effective.
Let me know how it goes with them 🙂
Long trip and no need for a tour. Generally local trips start at 1.39 lei ( approx .37 usd) / km and up with uber and other services like Taxify (Never get in a yellow cab). However you should have no problem making arrangements with most of the drivers for a lot less, since most own their own cars they can do what they want. If your looking for something more upscale or firm. Companies like Black Cab and Alpha Cab both have day fares and apps as well. For anything time sensitive or long, I use Black Cab (especially airport pickup)
Local March 12, 2018
I did notice that you can take Uber or a Taxi. The only thing with that is how do you manage while you are spending time at each location? Will either an Uber or Taxi wait for you at each location or is it easy to request another Uber or Taxi. My worry is catching another one when we are out in a rural area. Thanks!
So, do not take a taxi. But if while you are in Bucharest prior to heading up to Brasov / Bran just talk to your drivers and work out a rate for what you will want to do. It will not be expensive and depending on the time of year, I would think most of your will be in traffic so work out a deal with a comfortable car. There is also a pvt train http://www.softrans.ro that zips you by the traffic (its what I use to go snowboarding) and when you get to Brashov then just make deal an uber driver there. I think ubers are more there though, but nothing compared to the US / EU. Dont sweat it, avg wage is quite low here and friendly conversation and some cash will get you a long way in comfort. But again....Stay out of taxi's (in cities that have uber)
Gary Local March 12, 2018
Hi Alex,
You need only the driver, so You have a car?
Or You need both?
What is Your budget?
Local March 12, 2018
We need both a driver and car. I prefer to have someone offer me a price that they think is fair rather than me specify a budget. Like I said, I am willing to pay for convenience. The point is not to get avoid over paying for something that should be a lot less than advertised.
1. That would be a very long day!
2. Yes you can find a private driver that would take the trip.
3. I do not want to post here that information, so e-mail me @
and I will put you in touch with someone who would do this.
Local March 12, 2018
Jeffrey, I will email you. Thanks!