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How does one get about in the city?

By Traveller March 22, 2018

How does one get about in the city?

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By kate Traveller March 22, 2018

What is the most efficient, easiest and safest way of getting from x location to z location at any time?
I’ve read a lot about uber, is it really good?
Is walking a viable option in terms of safety and cold weather?

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Hi Kate! In Bucharest the taxi is cheap you can take it but be also be careful cause some will try to trick you with the km device installed in the car. If you have uber it's better. Also the subway is very cheap and easy to use as we don't have many lines. For central sightseeing you can walk because there are nice building you don't want to miss.

Local March 24, 2018
Hey Kate! :)
Uber is ok
I have a cousin who has 2 cars on uber
Here’s his nr. :
004‭(0766) 248 493‬ Ciprian
See You!
Local March 22, 2018
Hi Kate! I’m using uber in Bucharest since I moved in - so almost 2 years already :) Recently started using taxify as well - same cars and drivers, but sometimes lower rates.
Walking is safe and I walked in the most suburban areas of the city at night. But it depends a lot on you - if you walk confident, don’t look like a tourist who doesn’t know where to go and how, then noone will even notice you.
Otherwise I recommend uber & taxify, but in rush hours subway is also helpful - in case you don’t want to stay in traffic for an hour.
Let me know if you have any questions :)
Thank you very much Henrietta for your precious help! It’s just that we are inevitably going to walk like tourists and now I feel quite nervous about that! What danger are tourists specifically in?
You really shouldn’t be scared, there’s no such thing as a tourist targeted danger. I say you should be just as cautious as in any other european city, there’s really no need for you to be afraid. Also generally romanians tend to want to impress foreigners, so they’ll probably be nicer to you than to their own people.
Andra Local March 22, 2018
Thank you so very much, this is very relieving!!!!!
you’re welcome!
Andra Local March 22, 2018
I just meant if you’re going to accidentally get into very bad districts on the outskirts of the city, then maybe gypsies will see you are a tourist and may do something not very polite :)))
But I guess you want get there, if it’s just a trip to Bucharest, not about long term living!
Otherwise hang out in the northern part - at Herastrau, there are restaurants and clubs, the city center is a bit ‘untidy’ in my opinion :)
Thank you Henrietta, your suggestions are very helpful!