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very interesting experience
Michaela knows very good the town and the country, and she answer every our questions. The tour was very interesting, in particular the story about the country and the revolution against the dictature. We explore all the most important monuments and square of the city.
You have to do it!!
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
God introduktion to Bucharest
Met the guide at time og right place.
Had a good walk around Bucharest with interesting points and remarks. Maybe a little to political, but all in all god tour.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
You need to do it
The tour was really great. Our guide was really good showing us a lot of places with the history of Bucharest and very helpful with all our Questions. I’m glad that I did the tour with them.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Brilliant tour!
Andrew was an amazing guide. He was knowledgable, funny and didn’t take himself too seriously. A super couple of hours!
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Little bit boring
Really the tour wasn't very interesting. We were walking around the old town but we didn't visit interesting places. We visited a souvenir shop, one cafeteria and he told us where we could find a karaoke and some restaurants. I expected to visit some churches or monuments but it wasnt like this.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Mara was a super guide, lively presentation with a smile, excellent English, enthusiastic and well informed, thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
This Pub Crawl was amazing.
I had a lot of fun, the places that we visited were all different styles, but with a great ambience.
The guide was very nice and he did the best to ensure we all had a wonderful night!
Pub Crawl in Bucharest
Very impressed
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Was ok
The tour was ok.
Was vaguely informative.
Not sure it was worth the €70 considering I had to pay all my own entrances on top.
Tour of Communist Bucharest
Nice walking tour. Prefer shorter stops and cover more sights and off the beaten track areas.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
A wonderful few hours
Alex led a comprehensive walking tour of the old city. He gave us plethora of information regarding past and present history of Bucharest. We also had an overview of Romania.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
very disappointing !
I sent a mail asking to book myself and my friend to the free walking tour. I got a mail from you saying that you confirm receipt of my mail but the local guide should come back to me with confirmation about the availability. He never did it. Even not to say that the tour is full. I sent a second mail a few days before my arrival to Bucharest and till today, I never got any answer from him. So, I took a guide from the hotel where I stood and paid a lot of money for the tour. It was really disappointing. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share that with you. Kind regards
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Great intro to Bucharest
Very motivated and knowledgeable guides. Only gripe is some of the lady guides are just too attractive and distract from the surroundings you should be paying attention too.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
No added value, A taxi would be cheaper
Information we got was wrong. When I asked how long it took to build the palace parliament the guide said 2 years. It was 8 years and 2 to finish. He said Charles de Gaule was a communist president? He drove to the parliament at 10h while guided tour started at 11 so we were sitting half an hour waiting? It was a lot cheaper just to take a taxi to the parliament and to the villa ceacescu because inside we paid again for a guide. He didn't join us.
He started directly selling other tours... I really did not like the tour.
Tour of Communist Bucharest
Great guide
The guide was well prepared. She showed us around mixing a bit of Romanian history with more colorful stories. 2.5 hours well spent/.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Really enjoyable day trip into Bulgaria!
Our driver, Robert, was kind, attentive, and very keen on confirming that we were comfortable with his driving.

Veliko Tarnovo was a very charming area, and the monasteries carved into mountainside areas were fascinating.

All in all, we enjoyed the trip.
Day Trip to Bulgaria from Bucharest, including Veliko Tarnovo
Very good!
Private Trip to Transylvania from Bucharest
Very good!
In Dracula’s Footsteps: Day Tour from Bucharest
Fantastic tour with an excellent guide
This is a brilliant full day tour for anyone who is interested in the history of Romania and the Ceausescu period in particular. Our guide Florin was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and shared his personal experiences and those of his family. Even though we booked the tour at short notice he had managed to get us tickets into the People's Palace and the Spring Palace, the Ceausescu's unbelievably decadent home. He also tailored the tour to our interests, showing us an exhibition on the area of Bucharest cleared to build the parliament and taking us to the Ceausescus' tomb. An invaluable day out!
Communist Bucharest Day Tour, including the Ceausescu Palace
A very intimate and emotional tour
My girlfriend and I booked this tour, and we met Catalina in the meeting point in the Unirii Boulevard, just to see that we were the only ones on the tour! So, it became the most intimate walking tour we had ever had! Catalina was charming and interesting all the time, showing us al the pros and cons of the communist regime of Nicolae Ceaucescu. We learned a lot! We also tasted typical chocolate bars from that time, and even we took photos with the handkerchief that children wore at school as members of the Pioneers.

I f you have time to spend on Bucharest, and you are eager to know about the life under the Ceaucescu regime and the Revolution of 1989, do not hesitate and book this tour.
A Red Story: Communist Bucharest Tour

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