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FREEdom Trail
Excellent and informative way to learn about the culture and history of Bucharest. The guide was superbly interesting and convivial when required but retained her solemnity where necessary.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Great tour!
The tour was great and very interesting. Our guide, Elena, was very knowledgeable and could answer any question we asked. I really enjoyed it :) Thanks!!
The Red City: A Walking Tour of Communist Bucharest
Excellent street art tour
Great tour - Elena had excellent knowledge, and made it personal and was flexible to our needs (i.e. stopping by getting a quick beer now and then:). Very recommended!
The Alternative Tour of Bucharest
Wrong tour hours in your site
The hour stand on the reservation was 6:00 PM while the tour was on 3:00 PM so we just missed it
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Great Tour!
Mara was an absolutely wonderful tour guide! She is super knowledgable and friendly, and her love for Bucharest is palpable. Her awesome attitude cultivated a great atmosphere between everyone on the tour which made it even more fun. Not only did we get great history facts, we also got some great food recommendations too :) I'm so glad I chose to do this tour!
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
An excellent tour
Maria was a lovely host and very informative
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
It was excelent
The guide was professional, polite and we enjoyed the tour very much.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Great introduction to Bucharest
Our guide gave us a real insight into the people, history, politics and architecture of Bucharest.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Very good tour!
Our guide gave us a very interesting tour of the city, with a lot of historical facts thrown in. His knowledge of the city and of the history that has shaped it was quite extensive. On top of that, he was polite and accommodating. Highly recommended.
Bucharest City Day Tour
Me and another friend had booked a tour a while ago with Stefan, and for some reason he never came without informing us in any way. I tried calling him many times but no one answered back and we lost a lot of time waiting just cause someone couldn't be a responsible adult. Things of course happen, so we'd be fine even with just an e-mail explaining the reason after the fact, which never came.
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
If you are interested in street art, you need to do this tour!
Elena was great! I was running late, she was waiting for me and showed me really nice street art and the story and meaning behind it. At the end of the tour, we even wrote an poem about Bucharest, that I enjoyed very much. Thank you. I recommend this tour strongly, if you are interested in street art and the alternative part of Bucharest.
The Alternative Tour of Bucharest
Carpathian off-road
Great customised private tour through the Carpathian mountains. The trip included; off-roading through the mud, hiking through a valley next to a beautiful river, walking around gorgeous lakes, meeting locals sheepherders with their animals, snowball fight on top of a mountain, amazing views, exploring the caves and a great lunch! We had two amazing tour guides that were super friendly, happy and were happy to answer any questions. Great experience, definitely worth it to see the beauty of Romania!
Carpathian Mountains Off-Road Adventure: Myths & Natural Wonders
Old Town and Wine Tasting Tour
Alina was an incredible guide for explaining the historical sites, restaurants, wine bars, and wines in the Old Town area of Bucharest. I was able to experience and learn about this amazing city because of her vast knowledge. The Romanian wines that she recommended based on my preferences were delicious and there many brands to choose from. I would definitely recommend havingbher as a guide for this or any other tours she offers. She is experienced, friendly, and will tailor the tour to your needs if you want.
Private Wine Tasting Tour in Bucharest Old Town
Tour of Jewish sites in Bucharest led by Alina Brasoveanu
Alina led a group of 6 on a walking tour of synagogues, museums,and other sites focusing on the Jewish heritage in Bucharest. Highly informative, well-paced, articulate, and a pleasant manner. Good combination of factual detail and narrative stories.
Jewish Heritage Tour of Bucharest
Superb tour with a very personal touch
This is one of the friendliest and most informative tours I have been on. Alina has a lovely friendly style and is clearly very knowledgeable about every aspect of Bucharest. The tour felt relaxed and fitted perfectly for our first day in the city giving us countless options and ideas for the days ahead.
Hidden Bucharest Private Tour
Jewish Heritage and Old Town, walking tour
Alina is amazing tour guide; professional, well organized and enthusiastic! My companions and I spent 4 hours touring the Jewish area and the old town section. Alina is very knowledgeable about this subject and took us to the local synagogues. We had already down a tour of the old town area so Alina took us to places that were less well known. Her tour was so much better than the one we took with the trip we were on. Alina also recommended places for us to /eat closer to our hotel, the Sheraton. They were fantastic. Bottom line, she can't do enough for you! She easily could tell what interests our group had. She is passionate about her city and wants you to be too!
Jewish Heritage Tour of Bucharest
Excellent tour by Anca
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
very interesting and beautiful tour
Elena was the perfect guide tour. she explained everything in an interesting and fun way. it was awesome to explore the city through the graffiti and street art. I definitely recommend this tour for anyone who wants to see Bucharest in a different way/
The Alternative Tour of Bucharest
Bucharest Free Walking Tour
Really interesting and out of the box
Elena gave us a private tour through Bucharest. A lot of pictures and street art makes her story pleasantly and interesting. We did walk for two ours and did see a lot of art, hidden gems and a couple of beautiful tips.
The Alternative Tour of Bucharest

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