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Dinner suggestions

By Traveller July 16, 2018

Dinner suggestions

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By Tan Traveller July 16, 2018


Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice place for dinner?

I am looking authentic hungarian but also nice atmosphere. I am looking at one nice restaurant - so money is fine (obviously not too ridiculous).

Also looking at some that are just nice authentic places - where it's more local than touristy.


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3 answers

Some suggestions where Hungarians eat:
Pozsonyi Tavern, Budapest 1137, Radnóti Miklós u. 38
Kék Rózsa Restaurant, Budapest 1077, Wesselényi utca 9
Kerék Tavern, Budapest 1034, Bécsi út 103
Rákóczi Restaurant, Budapest 1084, Rákóczi tér 9
Regős Tavern, Budapest 1068, Szófia u. 33
Tüköry Restaurant, Budapest 1054, Hold utca 15
Torockó Tavern, Budapest 1105, Martinovics tér 2
Fenyőgyöngye Tavern, Budapest 1025, Szépvölgyi út 155
Rétisas Tavern, Budapest 1118, Rimaszombati út 7
Fülemüle, Budapest 1085, Kőfaragó utca 5

Local July 24, 2018
Hello Tan,
Try Dèrynè bisztró on Buda side.
Local July 18, 2018
Thanks Kata
Seasons bistro at Liszt Ferenc square. :)
Local July 16, 2018