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Foody question here..!

By Traveller August 27, 2018

Foody question here..!

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By Darek Traveller August 27, 2018

I am currently on the road from Gyor to Budapest, on my list of food need to try left following positions:

Any recommendation for restos that serve:

Kurtos kalacs
Töltött káposzta
hortobágyi palacsinta

túrógombóc - deser
Somloi galuska - desert

And have something good for vegetarian apart from baked chesse :) - that would be in a perfect world

Thanks a milion!

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3 answers

in case you travel on your own/alone and you are a vegeterien, beware: töltött káposzta and hortobágyi palacsinta contain minced meat, pork.

kürtőskalács is a streetfood, you won't find it in restaurants. sorry cannot name a special and best place. but the Hungarian google suggests Molnár's Kürtőskalács at 5th district, Váci utca 31. in Budapest.

somloi galoska and turogomboc are fine, you can find them quite at a lot of places,. If the allover rating of te restaurant having them on menu is good, te desert also will be good.

For vegetarians apart from deep fried breaded cheese - yeah, this is a difficult one.
Hungarians are heavy weight meat eaters :)
Some places with daily lunch menu might have sometimes deep fried breaded zuccini, aubergine, mushroom, cauliflower, broccoli, at leat this is not cheese. Or mostly at self service places pasta ( tészta) with cabbage, potatoes, cottage cheese. These are the salty versions. Pasta ( Tészta in Hungarian) with poppy seeds, walnut, toasted semolina+ marmelade = sweet taste. All they are tipycal Hungarian dishes, but very hard to find in restaurants with a menu. Mostly at
self service places.
Or for a better and "lighter to digest" selection just take an italian restaurant, there are always veggie pastas and rizottos, pizzas.
Also Indian restaurants and buffets.

last version: you just simply goole "best vegetarian restaurants in budapest " butu nfortunatelly you loose most of the typical Hungarian dishes.
Local August 27, 2018
Hi Darek!
If you want to try vegetarian Hungarian dishes you may try strudel, sweet or savoury :
I recommend also Jelen Bistro at Blaha Lujza ter. see:
they have several Hungarian specialities on the menu, also without meat and fried cheese :)
Local August 27, 2018
Hi Darek!

I have the following suggestions:
Kurtos kalacs - fancy option: Molnar's kurtoskalacs at Vaci street; non-fancy (and still good!): at metro stations Nyugati train station/Bajcsy Zsilinszky ut/Deak Ferenc ter there are some small kurtoskalacs shops, freshly baked. they are really cheap
Töltött káposzta - maybe Kéhli vendéglő but hungarians never eat toltott kaposzta outside their homes :D
hortobágyi palacsinta - Pörc és prézli (close to Basilica)

túrógombóc - Apacuka has the best (trust me, I worked there ;) )
Somloi galuska - Pörc és prézli (close to Basilica)
Vegetarian places: Vegacity (close to Astoria), 827 (close to Kalvin square - this is vegan), Great bistro (vegan, close to Basilica). In addition we have this traditional dish called tojásos galuska (i.e. egg noodles), we have is with salads, you can have it at most of hungarian restaurants.
Local August 27, 2018
Omg! Thanks a lot! O woow! Sweet
You are very welcome ;)
Kriszti Local August 27, 2018