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Dinner without reservations

By Traveller July 4, 2019

Dinner without reservations

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By Christine Traveller July 4, 2019

Hi everyone! Are there good dinner places you could recommend near the Jewish district that we could get in without a reservation? Seems like every place we’ve been recommended requires booking if we want a table right away, thanks!

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2 answers

Zou should try dobrumba, hummus bar, macesz bisztró and kőleves. These are some really good restaurants, you should try some !
Local July 5, 2019
Thank you! Unfortunately Dobrumba turned us away because we didnt have a reservation but ill look into the others!
Some of the best places you can find are on trip advisor and it's usually easy to just get a table as long as you aren't a large group
Traveller July 4, 2019
Good to know! Thank you!