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American football (college & professional) bar?

By Traveller September 2, 2019

American football (college & professional) bar?

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By Mari Traveller September 2, 2019

Hi all! Are there any sports-type bars that show American football games on Saturday & Sundays? (Not soccer!)

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2 answers

Hi Mari!
There was one but they closed last year. 😕
Try Champs Sport Pub.It’s more like all kind of sports but they have many screens so I’d say it’s still your best chance.
If not the next door is one of my fav craft beer place. 😀
Local September 3, 2019
In Hungary, like elsewhere in Europe soccer is the sport to watch.
Local September 2, 2019
I’m sure it is! I enjoy soccer as well!!! I was just wondering if there was a bar that showed Anerican football ☺️
Mari Traveller September 2, 2019