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Clothing shop

By Traveller August 11, 2020

Clothing shop

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By Bahar Traveller August 11, 2020

Hi. I am looking for a place in Budapest where I can buy old style long trench coats for men. I am also looking for a place where I can buy old style trousers. You know, the ones that are wide.

Any help is appreciated.

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2 answers

Öyleyse Retrock en iyi seçenek olabilir, Anker köz'de, Deak Ferenc ter metro durağına çok yakın.
Local August 12, 2020
Hi Bahar, as a real vintage lover, I was shopping by Humana, but not all of the Humana's are the same. I think the best one is in the Josef Korut, near to Corvin-Negyed tram station. Also they have a very beneficial discount policy, from one day they start to sell everything in a same price, and that fixed price gets lower day by day. In the last days of that discount, you can by a coat with 100 forint, but I do not recomand you to wait till the end of that discount, because most beautiful pieces bought by other people in the first days. Also, Türkiyeli olduğunu varsayiyorum, eger geri doneceksen turkiyeye, lutfen benim icin de bir sey al :)) ve canim sehrim Budapesteye sevgilerimi ilet :)
Local August 11, 2020
Merhaba. Azerbaycan Türküyüm. Trench coat Humana'dan bula bilirmiyim? Aslında ben kullanılmış giyim istemezdim, yenilerinin satıldığı yer biliyormusun? Maalesef, Türkiyede yaşamıyorum. Eğer gelirsem, mutlaka sana da istediğini getiririm.