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Nights at Budapest

By Traveller January 2, 2017

Nights at Budapest

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By kemal Traveller January 2, 2017

Hi guys, I have only 1 night in budapest, could you please recommend a local nightclub for enjoying, thanks

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Here you go buddy:

- Shot bar and cafe
- Blokk bar
- Salvatore Bar (for cocktails)
The aforementioned places are all situated at Erzsébet körút

For more fancy places, you could always go to Gozsdu udvar

Important: You must try Palinka!

Bars and clubs:
- Akvárium
- Szóda Kávézó és Mulató
- Hello Baby
- Morrison's (don't go to Morrison's 2, their bougie sister)
- Pub crawl and Danube party cruise in Budapest. You'll probably have to book tickets, but it probably includes the following (just confirm with someone, preferably the hostel you're living at):
i. Discover Budapest’s best bars with a local
ii. Enjoy a picturesque party cruise on the Danube
iii. Skip the lines at one of the city’s best nightclubs
What's included:
Local party guide
2 welcome drinks
Drink discounts
Party cruise
VIP club entry

If you want to go a club that has free entry, then Instant is your best bet (though I happen to dislike the place, but that's my own opinion)
Local January 2, 2017