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Monthly Budapest-pass for students

By Traveller February 4, 2017

Monthly Budapest-pass for students

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By An Inactive User Traveller February 4, 2017

Hi! I have question about Monthly Budapest-pass for students.
I don't study in Budapest but I have student card from another EU city, I found on this site: that I can buy this ticket with my student card, but can I trust this information?

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4 answers

hi, sorry about the late reply. I was a student very tongtime ago. I've red the hungarian version, I am absolutely sure you are entiteled for Budapest student pass with any EU student card.
Local February 11, 2017
Hi Patrycja,
I think you can buy a monthly pass if you have a valid student card.
I think you can trust this written regulation of the BKK.
You just need to give your card number when you'll buy the pass.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Budapest. :)
Local February 6, 2017
Yes, it works! Have fun in Budapest! :-)
Local February 5, 2017
It is the official website of Budapest' s public transport company, you can trust this information.
Local February 4, 2017