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Best pub in Budapest

By Local February 10, 2017

Best pub in Budapest

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By Priya Local February 10, 2017

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i am not a big expert, but I can assure you the inner part of the 6th and 7th districts,
from the ring road Erzsebet korut, Terez korut towards the downton i.e toward Karoly korut, is like one giant pub. You will find any style and any price level. My 26 y.o. god son, who is a trendy boy, wanted to go to Mazel Tov for birthday invitation. I agree with Aniko, Szimpla Kert has unique atmosphere and one of the oldest ruin pubs.
Gozsdu udvar also worth a visit, actually means Gozsdu yard , it's not just one establishment but a chain of inner yards (kind of open passage linking two parallel streets) with dozens of pubs and restaurant. plus summer time at the weekends there is a designer/handicraft market.
Local February 11, 2017
Szimpla kert, Kuplung, Corvin teto, Tip top roof terrace, Gozsdu udvar
They all worth a visit. Budaoest is full with "ruin bars" and strange places, which you won't find elsewhere. You can join local birthday parties to get to know the people better.....:-)
Local February 10, 2017