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Budapest summer clubs

By Traveller August 1, 2016

Budapest summer clubs

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By Blaž Traveller August 1, 2016

Hello i'm organizing a bachelor party (august 2016) in Budapest, and we want to go to great club. Does the club Studio still exist and where is it??? on the net i find different locations/addresses for this club. Do you recommend this club or do you have a better option.
Thank you

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I don't think Studio exists anymore... Maybe You should visit:
Local August 6, 2016
Hi Blaz,
As I know, this club is closed.
What I can offer you in case of a bachelor party if you visit the central in Budapest...maybe in the 5th district.
You can find here a lot of pubs, and nice clubs as well, like Ötkert, or 4broDowntown, etc...
The Music is a little bit different from Studio, but maybe Doboz can be similar like Studio was.

I hope I could help you.
Local August 1, 2016
Yes. thank you:)