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Hungarian sausages

By Traveller March 18, 2017

Hungarian sausages

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By Jayita Traveller March 18, 2017

Hi, Where could i buy hungarian sausages in Budapest, apart from the old market?

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5 answers

Try Szalamibolt (sausages shop) at Ráday utca 24.
Local June 7, 2017
Jayita! There are some good local farmers countryside. If you specify your need can be arranged.
Local April 5, 2017
Thanks Bori n Simon👍
Traveller March 23, 2017
Hi Jayita!
You can buy classic hungarian sausages next to the Mammut plaza, but it's also a market so u have to get up early for them!
Local March 20, 2017
For example on the farmers market on Sundays in the Szimpla ruin pub, Kazinczy street. Or any bigger supermarket what is not Aldi or Lidl.
Local March 18, 2017