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Budapest Airport Transfer

By Traveller August 2, 2016

Budapest Airport Transfer

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By Gab Traveller August 2, 2016

Hello! I will travell soon to Budapest but I1m bit stucked with the airport transfer question... What kind of transfer could you recommend from the airport to the centre? I m arriving late at nigth... is the public transport availbe? Or should i take taxis, or transfer - i found one which sounds good for me but what about uber today? i heard someting bad news about it... is that true? thank you very much for your help!

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Welcome to Hungary! :)

About your questions:

Uber has a sad story in Hungary because the taxidrivers didn't like that some people transferred others cheaper than them. Uber really left Hungary :'(

In Hungary all taxis should work with the same prices:
base fare: 450 HUF
kilometre-based fare: 280 HUF/km
there is also minute-based fare: 70 HUF/min I think it works under 15 min. But if you come from the airport it will be more.
So by taxi to reach the centre should be a bit less than 5000 HUF.
If you can pay for the taxi or other transfer it is more comfortable than the public transport.
But if you don't want to pay so much and you like challenges and you do not have many luggage :) you shoult try the nightbuses of Budapest!

Here is a figure that helps you chose your buses:

Here are the ticket types and prices in Budapest:

And here are the timetables:

If you have doubts about the buses, you can ask me or also Googlemaps. All public transport lines of Budapest are included in Googlemaps, and also their timetables are addet. So you can easily plan your transfer in Budapest.

I hope I could help :)

Have a nice time in Budapest! It's a great city! :)

Local August 2, 2016
Thank you very much for your correct answer for every question :) I'm really sad about the uber thing, I could not think that this can happen in a modern country :( I will check the publictransfer links and map and if it will be easy at first sight probably I would choose it, if not probably the transfer service. Taxi drivers do not seem like nice people around there with this uber thing at all

I think another user has already answered your question. You should not pay more than 6000 HUF for a TAXI, you should ask for the cost of ride before hopping in.
200E bus is a really good choice, I often use it, when i fly!
Local August 6, 2016

I found this article, it will help you a lot.
I would not recommend the late night public transport.
Yes, it is true, Unfortunately Uber is not available any more in Hungary. :(
Enjoy your time in Budapest!
Local August 4, 2016