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Locally made crockery in Budapest

By Traveller April 11, 2017

Locally made crockery in Budapest

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By Jayita Traveller April 11, 2017

Hi, i'm not sure if i am double posting this query. Not sure if the last obe went through. Could you suggest places where i can buy locally/ hungarian made crockery in Budapest. I am already aware of the exclusive brands like Zsolnay and Herrend. But i'm more intersted in the crockery that the locals buy n use. Thanks much .

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the biggest and best event for handmade local stuff is the 20 August Fair in the Buda castle, lasts 3-4 days and tis is really huge.
In September you have to check if there are any beer/wine/palinka festivals or food festival, there are usually booths/sellers of handmade items. You can come across a few small handmade crockery shops in the downtown.
As an option you can visit flea markets, but they are quite remote from the city centre and it's a question of luck if you find what you are looking for.
Local April 12, 2017
Thanks Eva.
Guess i am out of luck . Any fairs in Autumn? Late September?
Traveller April 11, 2017
Visit the Spring Fair at Vörösmarty tér, it's open until end of April. There you can buy very nice hand made crockeries and other nice things! :)
Local April 11, 2017