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How can I get to Balaton from Budapest?

By Traveller April 27, 2017

How can I get to Balaton from Budapest?

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By Viktoriia Traveller April 27, 2017

Is it worth trying if I come only for 2 weekend days - 13-14 May?
Can I book some accommodation near lake?
Or maybe some alternative nature sight to go from Budapest in one day:)
Thanks for answers in advance!

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Hi, if you come for just a few days maybe better to go hiking in the Budai hills or Pilis. There are several nice hiking ways. For example Rám szakadék. It is a small canyon with a hiking way in it.
Anyway if you want to go to Balaton you can buy tickets for railway on the net. The north part is better now because some railway renovations on the south area.
Probably several places on or airbnb or couch surfing around the whole lake. I can recommend Tihany and its outskirts.
Local April 28, 2017
Thank you, Marta for your advise!
Try registering on, it's a car sharing site like blablacar and there you might find some rides to Balaton or take the train ( You should prefer the northern part, the nature is more beautiful there (you could try Tihany or Balatonfüred). but in the middle of May don't expect anything crazy down there, it wont be packed with people, not even in the weekend, the season start a few weeks later. Accomodations you find plenty, try Otherwise there are some hills and mountains around Budapest, you can also take a hike if you dont want to do Balaton.
Local April 27, 2017
Thanks Andras! That's exactly what I need - not packed with people!:)
Andras, can you also advice me whether I can pay with MasterCard in foreign currency for train ticket?
i barely take the train, so im not sure but i guess it shouldnt be a problem. tried to google it but couldnt find any useful info on this