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Traveling to Budapest

By Traveller August 17, 2017

Traveling to Budapest

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By Smitha Traveller August 17, 2017

I'm from India and wish to travel to Budapest in December. But I want to know if it will be too cold to go sightseeing in December?

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It depends what is cold for you:) Usually in December there is still plus degrees, it is very rare to catch 0 or minus 10 or something! I think it worths to see, the city is very nice in christmas lights! ;)
Local August 17, 2017
We can only agree with Mate below, if you have enough warm clothes with you then sightseeing should not be a problem. But better bring some winter shoes (boots, etc), and not sneakers. There are many indoor and outdoor programs to enjoy during winter time, especially before the holiday season in December!
Wow thanks for the quick reply! And it's going to be winter, that's why I'm excited! I just wanted to be sure if the city will be open or roads would be blocked with snow 😁 .
Since I'm on a limited budget for the Trip, where do u guys suggest me to go? And where to stay with limited budget
Even with a limited budget you can have lots of fun in Budapest! One of the thermal baths is a must-do, it has a special wibe during the winter nights. There are more than 100 hostels in Budapest and more or less all of them offers great prices and a nice, friendly atmosphere. There are some which are specialized on party travellers, so if you are not one of them try to find some others :) Also, the Christmas Markets at several points of the city center are one of the best places to visit, they are usually open from the beginning of December. Food is simply amazing, you have many choices, best to ask your host/receptionist if you are already here what he/she recommends in the area of your accommodation.
That's awesome!! Thanks a lot ☺☺