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Budapest local activites

By Traveller August 20, 2017

Budapest local activites

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By Amanda Traveller August 20, 2017

I'm traveling to Budapest for a few days next week. I travel often and really love going to places away from the tourist attractions. I also LOVE food. Any suggestions on local places to eat, shop, or just walk around would be great!

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The food is tricky. There's a wide variety of restaurants but the taste will be different from what you may be used to since these places cater to the taste of the locals first which means not everything will be authentic. Don't count on finding any good Asian restaurants here, and stay away from any dish called "gypsy roast" - there's this smoked lard in in that will overpower your sense of taste for hours and it's very greasy/heavy.

Ruin pubs seem to not be as popular as they were last year but they're still neat to see especially if you like dive bars in NYC (I lived in Brooklyn for 6yrs prior to coming to Budapest). There's a large outdoor area near a club called Akvarium where young locals will gather to drink if the weather is nice. It's near Deak Ferenc Ter which is a hub for transit so it's very easy to get to.

There are a few open air markets that pop up from time to time, but there is also a big stationary one at Central Hall Market. It has a mix of stalls geared towards locals and for tourists so it's a neat place for souvenirs. Don't bring euros here or you will be overpaying for stuff.

I'd also recommend trying one of their open air spas/saunas. They're fun if you go with company. Be careful though because they split facility use by genders most days with one day per week where it's mixed. So many penises.
Local August 21, 2017