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Food and drink costs

By Traveller August 31, 2017

Food and drink costs

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By Jack Traveller August 31, 2017

Hell I am just wondering how much meals would normally cost, form lowest to highest

Also the same with drink like beer, wine and spirits

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You can also find small butcher shops that locals frequent. These will sell cooked meats and sides - a couple of sausages with rolls and a side or two will cost anywhere from 400 to 1000 huf (that's like 2-4 euros). A small bottle of coke will usually be around 250 huf as well.

Avoid tourist traps unless you really dont mind paying a lot more. The Hard Rock Cafe in the middle of the tourist area is like 3000 huf for a main and drinks will be around 1000 to 1800 huf so you're looking at like around 30 euros for a meal here.
Local September 4, 2017
Well, it is a very good question when it is about Hungary...:)) I have to say, that as a tourist you can find yourself in front of very different prices, even within same places at the time.
There are of course very fancy places, restaurants, bars and many more around the downtown (5th, 6th, 7th district) and of course at the sorroundings as well, but try to avoid them, which are close to the shopping centres and tourist locations, because they are way too overpriced. A decent meal should start around 6-7 euros, that's an average, if you go to a fancier restaurant, meals for 9-12 euros is normal, espeically if you've ordered something special. If you see on a menu that nothing starts at 6 euros (not even soup, starter) then go away, search for another one!:))
The same is true for drinks, beers could start even less than 2 euros, and it is true, but if your seeking for craft beers for example, that could be from 2,5-3 euros, maybe 4 because they are special!
Spirits should start in a normal bar at 2-2,5 euros, but again you can fiind cheaper (maybe not that good quality) or more expensive, for example if you hit a very glamorous bar in the city centre, but I think even there cocktails should stop at 7, max 8 euros (and it is really not cheap then) and spirits (Jim Beam, Russian's Standard...) 4-5 euros!
If you have any further question just feel free to text me!
Local September 1, 2017