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Womens clothing sizes

By Traveller September 21, 2017

Womens clothing sizes

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By LJ Traveller September 21, 2017

Im a relatively tall (173cm) US woman of medium build. If i want to ahop for clothes there will i fit in them? What are the sizes like compared to US sizes?

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I am the same height, and I am 135pound. Usually I buy S/36 size, but not in zara/bershka where my size is M/38, and in reserved/orsaly/promod where everything is bigger so I buy XS/34 size.

Have a good shopping I recommend Arena and Corvin shopping malls if it is raining. If it is not, you can visit Váci street :)
Local September 21, 2017
Bery helpful. Thank you!
LJ Traveller September 30, 2017