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Gilbert hill

By Traveller August 26, 2016

Gilbert hill

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By Rob Traveller August 26, 2016

1. What is the best way to go to Gilbert hill for a tourist?
2. Is it ok for tourists to go up the hill in the evening (Safety, Any cafe?)
3. Are there any other good photographic spots to visit?

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Gellért hill, you mean... it's quite safe as well. I would recommend you to try one of the cafés just beneath the hill. Easiest to reach from Gellért square, which is also a stop of M4 (subway). I would recommend you to check Gellért bath there. If you are looking for a view, check out the tower of Bazilika.
Local August 26, 2016
Thank you for your reply. I am planning to be in hungry for 1.5 days. What do you think of the following itinerary:
Day 1:
1. A hubcap of History
2. World War II Jewish memorial
3. Gellert Hill
4. 1.5-Hour Budapest by Night Cruise
Day 2:
1. Széchenyi Lánchíd / ChainBridge Breakfast
2. "The Holy heartbeat of Buda Castle."
3. "Budapest's CatholicRome"

What would be your views on the same?
Rob Traveller August 27, 2016
Not to be cocky, but a great advice to you for the future: check the ACTUAL name of the country you visit. HUNGARY.
Levente Local October 10, 2016
i had no time to visit there or any other places that has good view i was kinda busy with visiting farms etc. İn Slovakia. Sorry for could't help you out.
Local August 26, 2016
It's called Gellért hill.
It is safe, there are some unknown pathways with the same view as the turistic ones, but more romantic. Feel free to discover the smaller and hidden routes.
Local August 26, 2016
what are those routes called? Are you talking about the routes which lead to Gellért hill?
Rob Traveller August 26, 2016