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what is the best district for bars on the weekend?

By Traveller October 17, 2017

what is the best district for bars on the weekend?

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By Rupert Traveller October 17, 2017

I am travelling to Budapest this weekend with some friends and love to know where the best bars are and in what areas. We like places with a good vibe, lively atmosphere and friendly that are open until the later hours of the morning! Prefer to stay in bars rather than going to clubs.

Also with the weather maybe be good this weekend :) are there are any open air places, bars etc that we can go to on the Saturday afternoon and enjoy the sunshine?

If it helps we are staying near the Fovam Her Metro...but happy to go wherever is best!

Thank you :)

Rupert x

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No question, there are two places must check which are luckily close to each other.
Jewish quarter in 7th District with special attention to Kazinczy street if full of bars and unique ruin pubs.
The other is my favorite place called Gozsdu Udvar is like an inner street in a large building with full of bars and pubs.
If more trendy places needed I suggest to check the square of St Stephens Basilica too.
Enjoy, Zs
Local October 17, 2017
Hi Rupert,

We gladly offer our services for you guys this weekend if you wish. Our kind guides will be taking people to the best bars in town in the party district and then finish the bar tour in an awesome club.
Hope to see you soon.:)
Local October 17, 2017
would you be able to advise us of some of the bars they would look to take us too. I can check them out, see if we like the look, before we commit to booking :) thank you!
Will be seeing the downtown area ruin bars around the 7th district like Fogas Ház and so on.
Few bars you can find near Fővám tér in a building called Bálna, right next to the river, less than 5 min walk.
Local October 17, 2017
Just take a walk from deák square to the east. The whole area is a big big bar/dancing place (toilet unfortunately)
Local October 17, 2017
I think Kaczinsky Utca is best overall for bars, in the 7th district of Pest. But here are some opinions on the bar scene:
Local October 21, 2017
Hi Rupert!

There are two areas like that in Budapest. The first is the area between the Dohány-
Akácfa- Király streets and the Károly körút. Hungarians call this the 'party district' of Budapest. There are bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs, tacqueiras etc. So you can definitely find something to your taste :) And altough a lot of people recommend Morrison's it is not worth it. It is expensive and usually forty years old Hungarians go there to search sex partners and drugs.

The other part of the city is on the sides of Körút from Fővám tér to Deák tér. I like Matt, 4es 6os the most but there are a lot of different bars, some of them have terraces as well.

It is worth noting that drinking alcohol out in the streets is forbidden so be careful with the police :D

Local October 17, 2017