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recommendations for elderly

By Traveller February 22, 2018

recommendations for elderly

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By Anne Traveller February 22, 2018

going with my Grannie for 3 days in september. she's almost 80 y/o and have bad legs/can't stand up for too long.
searching for things to do/see/eat with her.

hope anyone can help :D

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Budapest is a bit of a tough town for people with trouble walking. However most all the street cars have easy access. The metros almost all have endless stairs and the buses also are not as easily accessible. Certainly make sure the lodging has an elevator.
I am not sure what your Grannie likes to do, but the New York Cafe is a must especially when they have a classical group playing. A little pricey but the world's most beautiful cafe, at least as advertised and from what I have seen so far. Also there are several lines of Hop On Hop Off buses where you can just stay on the whole trip and give a good flavor of the town. There is wonderful music--at the Vigado, the Opera, etc. and you can buy your tickets on the Vaci Utca near Berlitz where there is a music society. I like the Budapest Jazz Club as well but she may not like jazz. If you give clues more what she likes I can help. She may want a spa and/or massage, etc. Gretchen
Local February 23, 2018