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17daughter & I for 3 days

By Traveller April 14, 2018

17daughter & I for 3 days

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By Marie Traveller April 14, 2018

And besides the spas any other places
Any special tips on transport,
The best place to change money.
A drink we have to try?

Thank you

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Hi Marie,

I would suggest a river cruise in the evening. It's beautiful, and you can simply chill out.
About transport I would suggest you buy a 3 day pass, t's only HUF/ person (about 13.6 EUR) and take it everywhere with you. Sometimes you can only board a bus at the front door and you have to show your pass to the driver. Using the metro, you almost always have to show it.
You can change money almost anywhere. Don't do it at the airport, it's always the worst rate. But you can use your debit / credit card most places.
You can try palinka (strong shot) and stritzer from white or rose wine. And lemonades are really popular here again.

Have a nice time here!
Local April 15, 2018
Thank you so much
Best place to change money, Ibla change, near Deák square and Király street (Anker köz).
Transport: buy Budapest card (you can buy on the street at counters too. This could be good for spas too. About transport visit: www.bkk.hu You can find information on many languages.
Visit Gozsdu udvar (many restaurants and bars and a big city life) or Fröccsterasz in Erzsébet square.
Local April 14, 2018
Thank you so much