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sugestions for oct

By Traveller May 3, 2018

sugestions for oct

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By jackie Traveller May 3, 2018

myself and a friend are visiting at the beginning of October and I am looking for some suggestions. I have a list of the tourist stuff already that we want to see like museums and such but wanted a few suggestions for things I normally try to do when I travel.

1) Best coffee and/or tea shops
2) best brewery tour or breweries to visit
3) best breakfast
5) someplace to interact with local artists (I am a painter so enjoy seeing other painter work and interacting with them)
6) any other suggestions that could be fun that is specific or unique to budapest. the list of things I don't enjoy doing is probably shorter than what I like to do. but love learning new things.


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Coffee: Espresso Embassy, My Little Melbourne, Madal

Tea: Zhao Zhou, Marumoto

Brewery: ehh, just a few craft ones and they aren't very spectacular, but are way out of center. Go to a craft pub like Élesztő instead

Breakfast: not much of a tradition in Hungary. Fruccola, Szimply, Zoska, Két Tarka Macska, Liberté can deliver the generic Instagram-experience.

Artists: It's not open to the public, but maybe you can convince the guard to let you inside. Otherwise leading galleries are listed here:

I've written a long guide to the city, you can see it here:
Local May 7, 2018
Than you so much fussy helps alot