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Can tou recommend a rooftop bar for today?

By Traveller May 20, 2018

Can tou recommend a rooftop bar for today?

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By Dietmar Traveller May 20, 2018

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Thanks a lot. Plenty of opportunities to enjoy Budapest from superior locations. I dislike the crowds and bad deals around the river boat cruises on the Danube. Better enjoy it from the rooftop.
Traveller May 22, 2018
Sorry, I just saw it today, if it is still actual, 360 bar on Andrássy avenue is great, but make sure you book a table, in the evenings it's usually fully booked in the season!
Local May 21, 2018
Thanks. Next time I will stop by.
Thanks a lot. I will give it a try and enjoy it.
Traveller May 21, 2018
We have couple of rooftop bars in Budapest. One of them is covered in our video:

The ones I like the most are Corvintető, .
The other one is 360 Bar,
They are pretty different, 360 is more like a restaurant, Corvin is more like a club. I enjoy both time to time.

Have fun!