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Birthday celebration in November

By Traveller October 9, 2016

Birthday celebration in November

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By Olja Traveller October 9, 2016

I'm going specifically to Budapest to celebrate my birthday. And I have no idea where to go. Any useful advice, please? Perhaps, some fine dining and then clubbing till sunrise.

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Happy birthday! :-) As for your dinner, I would suggest Zeller Bistro (you need to book a table) or Castro (if you prefer Balkan food) and also Csendes.
I agree with Levente comment: if you come to Budapest for a party, your best option is a ruin pub hopping: Szimpla (many, many tourists), Doboz, Instant are good ideas, you won't be dissapointed.

Have fun in Budapest!! :-)
Local October 11, 2016
If closer to fine dining than I would say Trofea, as mentioned above, is NOT your choice. That is an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

I would rather go to Borssó, a great French-Hungarian fusion at Bástya street or Kantin at the Andrássy Avenue. Zeller Bistro is also really good and their staff is very friendly.

Borkonyha is probably the most inexpensive Michellin-star restaurant in the city which also is a good choice. Olimpia is a fine recommendation too.

As for the partying you could choose Gozsdu for sure, but it is a question how much real party will you find there. The classic answers would be Instant, Szimplakert, Fogasház, Lámpás on Tuesdays - these are more of the club-like places.

Happy birthday and have fun! :)
Local October 10, 2016
i think u should check trofea at kiraly street in the middle of the city and here's gozsdu udvar too when u can clubbing till sunrise🤗
Local October 10, 2016
I recommend you to eat at the Olimpia ( It's a bit out from the centre but it worth
Local October 10, 2016