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Great experience and great wine!
Danube Wine Cruise in Budapest
Great night!
Got to know local pubs and bars. Excelent attention, very friendly people, thanks a bunch!!! A++ Service!
Epic Nights Budapest
Quality Night Out
A truly EPIC night out. This was our first night in Budapest for a lads holiday. 4 bars and a club covered off, with lots of variety in locations and what was on offer. Evelin and her team really looked after us and gave lots of recommendations for other things to do throughout our stay. A must for anyone having a weekend away in Budapest
Epic Nights Budapest
Such a great night! Highly recommend
We were visiting and didn't have a clue about Budapest nightlife so our guide Evelin and the Epic nights team organised a fabulous hen party bar crawl. We visited ruin bars, local spots and karaoke bars, got to skip the ques and got shots everywhere we went. Evelin from Epic nights was an absolute babe and great company on our night out! We were all really happy with the night and as a result quite hungover in the morning - thank you!! X
Epic Nights Budapest
Arrive Hungry, Leave Happy
To say Ferenc fed us well would be an understatement. From the first tasting, our jaws dropped. Ferenc was beyond generous with not just the food, but his time, stories and humour. Felt that he knew what we enjoyed more, and so spent more time in those places. Ferenc's local knowledge of bars, restaurants, produce and wine seemed endless. He threw in a lot of culture and history as well. He's obviously a guy who loves Budapest and showing it off to its best. At end of tour he happily gave us additional recommendations, as well as his contact details for any questions we had during our stay. He may have regretted that, as we asked questions for days but he was always helpful. Couldn't thank him enough. Was a pleasure to go on tour with Ferenc. I've every intention of going out of my way to return.
Food Tour: Budapest Urban Feast
Night of Budapest
I had the opportunity to get to know the downtown area in a nocturnal walk. The beauty of the places and monuments and their lights is delightful. My guide Frank was able to present a new perspective of the city with details of the historical places I definitely recommend this attraction if you are interested in getting to know better this amazing city.
The Bright Lights of Budapest
wonderful days in budapest
We already had a tour previously arranged with another company during the day so we decided to take a look at Budapest from a different perspective, during the night. We booked very last minute but Frank was extremely flexible regarding our schedule so after exchanging a few emails we were there. Although the weather was quite cold, we didn't even notice as he entertained us so professionally and answered all our questions. After a nice walk in the city centre and on the bank of the river Danube we went to one of the famous ruin bars to continue our nightly walk. As we were both into classical music he gave us great recommendations for the next day to explore Budapest on a larger scale. We are glad we chose to book the night tour 'The Bright Lights of Budapest', as we definitely saw this magical city from a different angle. Thank you Frank!
The Bright Lights of Budapest
Our trip would not have been the same without Ferenc!
We met Ferenc on a Ruin Bar tour we'd scheduled our first night in Budapest. We had so much fun exploring different ruin bars, eating snacks with the locals and dancing the night away! We enjoyed Ferenc so much that we scheduled 2 additional tours with him, the next day he met us at the Central Market, walked us around to tell us about all of the goodies. We tried so many pickles, we bought paprika and gifts to take home. The following night, Ferenc gave us a tour of Castle Hill and the Royal Palace and then a boat cruise on the Danube. This part of Buda is a MUST SEE at night, it is truly magnificent! Ferenc is a wonderful guide, he doesn't just tell you the history, he tells you stories, he makes you laugh and he answered all of our crazy questions! I would definitely recommend Ferenc and Budapest Urban walks, it will be a highlight of your trip to Budapest, you will not be disappointed!
Ruins and Bars: The Ruin Pub Tour of Budapest
Event was so bad, I want my money back!
There were only 4 of us stuck at a large table in the middle of a dinner cruise. The hostess only brought over a small amount of beer every 20 minutes to make the tasting last the length of the dinner cruise. We asked her to sped up and she wouldn't. We would have liked to try all the beer in appropriate time frame to choose which one would have like to drink for the rest of the cruise. We were only given our final beer as we docked. Very poorly done. We weren't told that this would be combined with other tours or there was too few of us. We have have changed our reservation. We would have joined the wine tasting as they were getting attention from the staff.
Danube Craft Beer Cruise in Budapest
Craft beer cruise
Great night, great view and brilliant beers. Peter who lead the beer tasting for us was great, helpful and friendly, top bloke. Recommend the porter and flying rabbit
Danube Craft Beer Cruise in Budapest
Bad experience
I was told to be at the meeting point at 11pm and I arrived 10 minutes before and no one appear I waited 10min more and the decided to go to the side of the river and they told me the boat set at 10:30pm. I didn't receive any email telling me to be there at 10:30pm.
Danube Party Cruise in Budapest
Great atmosphere
Drinks were awful, the alcohol was of bad quality and prices too high. Moreover, we had to queue during 20 minutes to take a drink because they had not enough people to serve. Otherwise, the ambiance was awesome and the view of Budapest at night beautiful. The cruise lasted enough time.
Danube Party Cruise in Budapest
Danube Wine Cruise in Budapest
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your “Exclusive Budapest Walking & Wine Tasting Tour”. Our guide - Barbara - was not only very well informed, she spoke TO us (ie - she did not simply narrate) and was fun to interact with, regarding the Jewish history of Budapest, especially as it related to her and her family’s past, as Jews in Budapest. The sites were made meaningful with her talk. Further, to finish the tour with wonderfully generous “tastes” of 6 regional wines, complete with an assortment of meats, cheeses, breads & olives made this tour an emphatic 5/5 rating!
Exclusive Budapest Walking & Wine Tasting Tour
I was in Budapest recently and was definitely wanting to take a Danube cruise. Seeing a city from the river that runs through it is always such an awesome site. Of course there are plenty of companies offering river cruises in Budapest and of course also night time party cruises. I'm not much of a party person or atleast not like in my younger years, but aquaintances who've been to the Hungarian capital said that the nightlife especially in the summer is not something to be left out. So I let my friend talk me into taking the Party on the Danube cruise. It's a little pricey and the ticket only includes a welcome drink (however, I must note that additional drinks come at very reasonable prices), but the nightime view of Budapest from the Danube is totally worth it. It was great to kick back with an ice cold beer after a long day of sightseeing and just enjoy the gorgeaous view of the city. After the cruise they take you to a club, where we actually ended up staying for most of the night. The ship docks at Margaret Island where the club is, which isn't a cheesy pop disco, more like an artsy, alternative bar. Also it was very easy to get a cab back to the hotel from there. I'd definitely go back to that club if ever visiting Budapest again in the summer and I'd also recommend the Party on the Danube cruise as a great way to unwind with a breathtaking view.
Danube Party Cruise in Budapest