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Day trip to Tigre

Delta del Tigre

Why locals love it

Tigre's stilted houses, laid-back atmosphere and calming river make it an attractive day trip for locals and visitors to Buenos Aires. There is also the "Puerto de Frutos" market which is an old fruit market turned craft fair, the beautiful and impressive museo de arte and also a museum dedicated to "Mate" (traditional drink in Buenos Aires).



Why you should visit it

Tigre is a great little day trip and there is something so calming and refreshing about being by the water. It can get quite busy at the weekend and in high season so try to go on a weekday if you can. The market, museums and tearooms along the river will fill up your day very easily.

Special tip

Take the last boat cruise along the river and catch the sun as it sets over the river

Delta del Tigre
Delta del Tigre

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