I will be in Busan for three months

By Traveller November 21, 2018

I will be in Busan for three months

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By Ruby Traveller November 21, 2018

I would love to know what places would be good to visit in Busan!! for food, shopping, night life, etc.! any recommendations would be great

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Busan is a huge place so it would be helpful to know where you'll be located. If you are in the southeast (Saha-gu), then be sure to check out Eulsukdo Island, which is a protected nature preserve across the bridge from Hadan-dong. There is also a brand new contemporary art museum on Eulsukdo. Anywhere near Seomyeon, there are a ton of restaurants and such there. If you're in the Gwangan area, definitely visit SOL Taphouse, which has some of the best pizza I have had anywhere (Korea, America, wherever). If you are in Haeundae, like it seems most short-term residents are located, you should definitely visit Abnormal Taphouse, in the Pale de Cz building. If you are ready to break out of the tourist traps and western food options, just explore! Keep your eye out for certain Korean words on buildings like 식당 (restaurant), 국구 (noodles) and 돼지국밥 (literally means pork, soup, rice) which is kind of a Busan specialty. Super comforting style of soup that comes with sliced pork, green onions to add to the soup, kimchi and kakdugi (radish kimchi), as well as rice (sometimes in the soup, sometimes on the side, depending on the restaurant). These are EVERYWHERE. If you just want a kind of greatest hits of Korea experience, the 김밥천국 (gimbap chunguk) chain of restaurants is pretty much in every neighborhood, offers a variety of the most typical Korean meals and is cheap. YMMV on quality, though. Also, join some Facebook groups, including "Expats in Busan" and "Busan Food." Enjoy your trip!
Local November 22, 2018