Cover image of this place El Horeya Cafe (مقهى الحرية)

local bar

El Horeya Cafe (مقهى الحرية)

Why locals love it

well, it's too classic one which has been viewed in some old movies.. also it offers all kinds of drinks, not just beer, so you can go even if you're not drinking.. and also it's a special venue for downtown guys (politicians, artists and life dreamers)



Why you should visit it

it's in a good place in downtown, so it's easily to pass by in any time..also it offers a good mix between eastern and western culture in the same place..and it's cheap and gives you the chance to get exposed to one of the most interesting egyptian modes of being.

Special tip

sit by the window...

El Horeya Cafe (مقهى الحرية)
El Falaky Square (El Bostan St.), القاهرة, القاهرة, مصر
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