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work and live in calgary...

By Traveller January 6, 2018

work and live in calgary...

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By Mudassir Traveller January 6, 2018

hello... I'm Mudassir..... could anyone please suggest me about the life, job opportunities, surviving in Calgary... I'm planning to move in Calgary as a new immigrant. i'm a instrumentation engineer and my spouse is a software engineer. i have applied in Calgary university for masters...
please give me some tips in settling without much difficultiies...

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This is a big question.
Calgary’s economy is tied closely to the price of oil. We have been in an economic slump for the past 3 years. Slowly we are climbing back but many engineers and geologists have lost their full time positions and are working under contracts.
Calgary itself is a great city to live and raise a family. We have many parks and facilities.
Not sure what it would be like to arrive as a new immigrant. We have a lot of ethnic diversity here and I believe some of the best ethnic restaurants in the world.
The weather! We are a winter country. We have just come out of a week of -25 C. With the wind it felt like -36C. We have a special climate in that we get a warm wind from the ocean. This am raise the temperature 20 to 30 degrees. Today it is 6 C.
To really enjoy Calgary you have to learn to live outdoors. We are 1 hour from the best skiing and snowshoeing spots.
When you buy a car it is worth to invest in windshield insurance. Our streets are gravelled for ice!
People work hard here but I think we have a better work/family balance then in the USA.
We can seem reserved but a smile or a hi will get you a smile back.
If you have any more specific questions don’t hesitate to ask.
All the best to you.
Local January 6, 2018
Hello, where are your degrees from. Calgary generally is a place for engineers. After nearly a two years slump (based on oil price) things are getting started to get better gradually. Instrumentation engineers are in good demand. But all jobs require Canadian certification and/or western Canada experience. In order to augment both these, you can enroll in some courses at SAIT which will open your prospect after initial struggle if any. Hope that helps you. Good luck.
Local January 6, 2018