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Wonderful sunset view

Bay of Manga

Why locals love it

Bay of Manga is famous for a singular sight and it is perfect to spend time as a local because it is located in a traditional neighbourhood called Manga just 10 minutes from Getsemani. The bay has a pier where local people and visitors can walk, run or stroll with kids or pets. My favourite plan is to wait for the sunset!



Why you should visit it

This place is beautiful because it offers history, nature and a local experience. From the pier of manga you can to see the other side of the bay called Bocagrande the modern city. Also, you will find a fort that reminds us the colonial times, near here there is a supermarket and a lot of places for to eat and drink.

Special tip

I prefer this side of the bay because it is quiet and I like to enjoy the terrace of the marina to take pictures.

Bay of Manga
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