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Interesting Transnistria Tour


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Transnistria - The country that doesn't exist
The program of this tour:
-Tiraspol - city tour
-Visit of the Noul Neamț Monastery
-Visit of the Bender fortress

Duration: 8 hours
    Available in
  • English,
  • Russian
Tour by Ecaterina

Welcome to my page, dear traveller! I believe everything happens in life for a reason (especially the fact you are viewing my profile at the moment). Let's get know each other and decide to make a wonderful tour. I can organize city tour also in Chisinau and then we can go Transnistria.
All the best and see you on the tour!

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  • Bender Fortress, Tiraspol Centre
  • Museum of railway station
  • Enjoy soviet architecture, food and drinks
  • Discover the orthodox in Noul - Neamt Monastery

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This tour is an exciting journey in the socialistic past of Transnistria! You will have a dip in the world of monuments of Lenin, Gagarin and Kotovskiy. You will feel the genuine atmosphere of cities of the former Soviet Union-Tiraspol and Bendery. You will see the broad streets, optimistic architecture mood, luxurious finish materials of culture houses, university and libraries, predominance of Red, national motives. You will be wittness of 70 years old Soviet history of Transnistrian region! If you want to go by untrodden roads, welcome to us!

Soviet past of Transnistria: Soviet Monuments in Tiraspol and Bender.
Soviet architecture of Tiraspol and Bendery: buildings, houses, streets, prospects, avenues.

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What’s included & not included

  • Guiding
  • transport on a comfortable car Mercedes
  • pick up and drop-off from the hotel
  • entrance fee to the museums and fortress
  • drinks
  • lunch
  • alchoholic drinks

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Reviews from travellers (6)


Transnistria with Kat
for Ecaterina’s tour (Interesting Transnistria Tour)
Kat is one of the best guides we ever have had on our tours! She is a pro, very friendly and knows what she is talking about. We can highly recommend her as a guide anywhere in Moldova!
Interesting it is
for Ecaterina’s tour (Interesting Transnistria Tour)
We were expecting to have a trip back to Soviet Union. The surprise was that the region is really developing. The fortress and a park in Benderi are renovated. Main streets are quite clean and people are friendly in Tiraspol. There is also modern real estate start to appear. So those who are really for hard core experience has to hurry up.
Best tour ever
for Ecaterina’s tour (Interesting Transnistria Tour)
My day tour with Kat Pro (Ecaterina) was easily the best tour I've ever had. In fact, I wouldn't call it so much a "tour" but instead a great day out with a really good friend who just happened to know lots of fascinating history and local information.
I've tried to think about the best way to describe the day, going through a few rough drafts, and I think the best way is to describe the special touches Kat provided, those things that go beyond the expectations of the average tour and make the experience truly memorable.
I originally booked my tour a few months back for a trip to Bender Fortress and Tiraspol. Naturally, Kat met and exceeded those expectations. She brilliantly recounted the events at Bender: Suleiman the Magnificent, Charles XII of Sweden, Baron von Munchausen, et al. Likewise, in Tiraspol, she took me to the key sights and explained their significance: the tank monument and memorial to those who died in the Afghanistan and Transnistrian war, the Suvorov monument, the cathedral to Christ's birth (Christmas Cathedral), the House of Soviets, etc.
But, again, it was the extra touches Kat provided that made it a fabulous day. For example, en route to Bender we stopped to buy watermelons and fresh grapes from roadside vendors; we went shopping at the Sheriff Hypermarket; we explored the different neighborhoods in Tiraspol; we took lunch in the very stylish Hotel Russia restaurant; and we made an impromptu stop at the impressively elegant Mimi winery. We talked about travel, life and a mutual affection for cats. Again, this was more a grand day out with a good friend than a purchased, scripted tour. I might forget that the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent built the Bender stone fortress in 1538, but I'll always remember chatting and munching on grapes by the roadside and searching for a cat themed mug in the Sheriff Hypermarket.
It was a great, full day made magnificently memorable by Kat. Many thanks.

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Such an amazing experience!
for Ecaterina
Having Ecaterina as a guide felt like I was travelling with a local friend. She ensured that we saw all the important landmarks and that we didn't miss anything important. She is really fun and welcoming and very knowledgeable about her country. On top of that she is also very flexible and she could adapt her tours to our needs. She has a car too so no need to worry about transportation.

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