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An elegant feel

Bistro Viena

Why locals love it

Perfectly located & very attractive. You just can't go by without at least being tempted to stop. If you give into temptation - good for you! This place is more appropriate for small and medium groups, as a lot of times big parties will have an issue finding enough tables to put together (unless they reserve in advanced).



Why you should visit it

Stop for a Vienna coffee and a piece of cheesecake (they make one of the best in the city). And if you don't have a sweet-tooth, don't worry, Bistro Vienna also has ribs and schnitzel on the menu. So take a seat indoors, or at the tables in front, on the quiet Matei Corvin Street, so some people watching and enjoy the experience.

Special tip

cheese cake & sachertorte

Bistro Viena
Str. Matei Corvin nr. 3

Mon-Th: 09:00-00:00

Fr-Sa: 09:00-01:00

Su: 09:00-22:00

+40 757 082 590
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