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What are good farmer or Flea Markets in or around Cluj? Thank you! Lennart

Lennart June 21, 2018 answer

Hi Cluj crowd, going to Feleaco in two weeks, can rent equipment there but not outfit. Any place in town where we can... Read more

Joubran February 4, 2018 answer

I’m working for the Dutch YouTubechannel StukTV. We are creating a series right now in which we visit the scariest pl... Read more

Brechje November 30, 2017 answer

Where to find online adds for renting accommodation from the locals directly and not from real estates who ask half r... Read more

Mark July 25, 2017 answer

Looking for good sports bar that will show international football in early October when we visit for weekend

Gordon July 9, 2017 answer

Hi, I've found there are not many restaurants with romanian food in Romania, and if we found some, it's tourist-orien... Read more

Jáchym July 7, 2017 answer

First, thanks to everybody who answered my first question about whether we could self guide - really appreciated. ... Read more

Hi - My wife and I are thinking of visiting Transylvania in October, for the history and the beautiful scenery. A Rom... Read more

Hi, guys, I am sorry for spamming with too many questions but this is the last one before the flight to Romania. W... Read more

Pavol June 23, 2017 answer

Hi, guys, can anyone recommend me a good car rental in Cluj? I know about Olimpo, their offer looks good but if th... Read more

Pavol June 22, 2017 answer

I fly late, after midnight, are there any late night bars, pubs, or cafes I can drink and hang out till morning,

sergio June 17, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I am going to visit Cluj with my mom and brother and we are going to stay there for three days. We are go... Read more

Pavol June 16, 2017 answer

We've just arrived in cluj and have no idea what we should do. Any suggestions of places to eat, sights to see things... Read more

Jack June 8, 2017 answer

I'll be in Cluj between the dates 28-31 October and could you please tell me some good flea markets and vintage store... Read more

Özge October 5, 2016 answer

If it's possible, I prefer a long way. Thanks a lot.

roxane August 16, 2016 answer

Dear Radu, I am in Cluj-Napoca with a Dutch television crew, and we are looking for something nice to do tomorrowmor... Read more

Marloes July 15, 2016 answer

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