Cheap restaurant with romanian food?

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By Jáchym Traveller July 7, 2017

Hi, I've found there are not many restaurants with romanian food in Romania, and if we found some, it's tourist-orientend and expensive. Do you know some restaurant/pub/bistro/fast food in Cluj which serves cheap and traditional romanian food? And what are the average prices? Thanks for your answers. :)

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3 answers

Hello, you could go to Casa Vikingilor which is at the top of the Piezisa Street. It is close to the student halls so it has reasonable prices. Although it's name could be translated into 'the house of the vikings' you can find traditional food there. Also, Piezisa Street is full of cheap places where students go to have a cheap meal or a drink.
Gabriela Local July 7, 2017
In Cluj I can recommend Roata - a platter for 2 with traditional goodies is 69 Ron, a traditional soup is around 15 Ron.
And there is Bulgakov where you can find good dishes at around 35 Ron/pers.
Emese Local July 7, 2017