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By Mark Traveller July 25, 2017

Where to find online adds for renting accommodation from the locals directly and not from real estates who ask half rent provision.

Thank you in advance

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Hi Mark, try OLX, under Imobiliare › Apartamente - Garsoniere de inchiriat. You can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4+ rooms. Remember to pick the county and the city as Cluj / Cluj-Napoca in the top "Toata Romania" field. Most locals use this site to advertise apartments. The site is in Romanian however it should have photos for most of the classifieds which will be really useful to give you and idea about the overall conditions.

If you are not satisfied with the offers from OLX you can try this facebook group: - usually young people who are searching for apartment mates or have a free room.

Let me know if you find this useful,

Nicolae Local July 25, 2017
TY Nicolae
Will check it.
Google chrome is useful when browsing foreign sites, it translates the whole page.

Most locals advertise rent offer here:

but it's in romanian and most of them usually also ask for provisions/deposits/rent in advance.
Bogdan Local July 25, 2017
TY Bodgan.
I found this site also from but most of the rentals are from a agencies.
Thanks for your reply Andre but no to expensive.
I am going to move for work and need to find flats for rent from the local people directly and not from real estate agencies.
There must be a website with local adds posts which are not from agencies?

There are, but they're fewer and fewer-all were mentioned by the other locals. Unfortunately, the rent prices have skyrocketed these past years, making Cluj the most expensive city in Romania. Many owners thus choose to use an agency because they usually promise more money...
Clau Local August 31, 2017