Room Escape Game: The Secret



Imagine being trapped in a dark room with your friends. You have 1 hour to escape. How do you escape? The secret consists in team-work. Together you will find hidden clues that will help you escape. To play the game you must make a reservation. For more info check

Duration: 1 hours
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The Dungeon is a live room-escape game that will give you and your friends a thrilling experience.

What is a room-escape game and why is it so fascinating?

In “The Dungeon”, you get locked up in a creepy room and the goal is to escape in 60 minutes or less.

Your only way out is to rely on team work abilities, using your ingenuity and imagination to discover the secret clues that will allow you to solve the mystery of the room and escape back to civilization.

The story is situated in a Transylvanian village that hides a big mystery. The grave-digger of the cemetery hides in his own cottage the citizens’ biggest enemy: a count that has for years destroyed everything that the people cherished. After many rebellions that threatened his life, the count ran from the castle and hid in the middle of the community. Will the citizens be able to discover him? Or will they die trying? Be careful! The room is filled with maleficent traps.

To play the game you must make a reservation. For more info check our website:

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75, Horea street, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

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