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Colombo's Culinary Destination


Why locals love it

Aluthkade, aka Pudukade is Colombo's culinary destination, especially after midnight. This busy street, amidst the residential neighborhoods of Pettah, is where locals come to satisfy their food cravings. Open even way past midnight, Aluthkade offers a variety of culinary delights at reasonable prices.



Why you should visit it

If you're exploring Colombo and want to experience a culinary destination where the locals love going to eat, Aluthkade is the place to visit. You'll find an array of food stalls, hawkers and restaurants serving rice and curries, local short-eats (appetizers), BBQ, burgers, subs, pasta and a range of fruit juices and local smoothies like Faluda.

Special tip

You'll find this street bustling even after midnight, catering for the city's nightlife.


Mon-Su: 17:30-05:30

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