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Colombo questions

By Traveller November 26, 2018

Colombo questions

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By Chris Traveller November 26, 2018

I have some questions about Colombo :
Can I visit Lotus Tower? Where can I find info like times and prices?
Are all shops open on 31 december? And Pettah markets?
What's the best place to be on NewYearsEve, just to see some ambiance with live music and maybe a (not so expensive) dinner buffet.

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Hi Chris, extremely sorry for the delay in replying.
Lotus tower is not opened yet. still its under construction.
Usually 31st December all the shops are open as usual including Pettah market.
I would recommend down south for 31st December stay. Colombo also happening. but the best is down south. hotel rates are bit expensive with the 31st December compulsory new years dinner supplement. but Colombo is not that expensive. If you need any further clarifications please do not hesitate to ask me.
Local Ambassador November 29, 2018
Hi Chris

lotus travel is still under construction. Most of the shops and Pettah market is open on 31 and will be very busy.

In colombo of course Galle face green and Fort Area. For non expensive dinner buffet Mount lavinia is recommend .
Local November 27, 2018
Cannot visit Lotus tower as it's not opened yet.(under construction)
Shops are open 31st and Pettah as well.
Best place to be is around Galle face green. Where lots of people gather. The Christmas tree in front of World Trade Center.
Buffet and music I don't have a exact place but try Kingsbury
Local November 27, 2018
Lotus Tower is still not opened for the public but it may open before the end of this year.
Most of the shopes open on 31 at pettah but you cant expect as a normal day.
For something on newyear eve you can attend at Galleface green in colombo
Local November 27, 2018