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Come here to discover real Italian silk.

Diffusione Seta Incomo

Why locals love it

The most famous Italian stylists came to Como to buy silk for their creations. Here you'll discover the most beautiful creations by Armani, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana etc. You can find a lot of silk products as scarfs, ties and bow ties.



Why you should visit it

Try some foulards, wear an elegant tie and discover the traditional art of silk in Como. Secretly imported from China in the XV sec., during the '600, Como silk became famous for his wonderful paintings and colors. Since those years tradition continued: come to this shop to discover latest fashion trends!

Special tip

If you want to taste the atmosphere of fashion catwalks you can't miss this shop.

Diffusione Seta Incomo
Piazza Cavour, Como, CO, Italia

Mon-Fr: 08:30-19:00

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