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Very strange question...

By Traveller April 21, 2021

Very strange question...

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By Gonen Traveller April 21, 2021

Hello i have a very strange question...maybe you can help me. In the tv series Rita. In season 2 episode 4 at 2:00 Rita is wearing a jacket, that you can see its logo but i can not recognize it. MY WIFE is crazy about this jacket and i want to surprise her with it....maybe any one of you will be able to recognize the barnd??? Please....i am looking for weeks now, and had no other idea how to find it any more, just to ask here....

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Do you have a screenshot of the jacket?
Maybe you can write one of the costume designers or the production compagny ( SF Studios). Sometimes TV2 can help as well?
Local April 21, 2021
I have but can not add a screen shot here....and there is no place(not even at the end credits) with the names of the cloth design nor the place they were bought .
If you can send me your email i will be able to send tou sceeen shots....
I work in television. If I where you I would write the costume designer on the serie ( check out IMDB). There are 3 depending episode. And ask. They often get theese kind of questions :-)