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Cool concept and lively atmosphere

Lock Stock & Barrel

Why locals love it

This place has amazing happy hour offers, as well as 3 free drinks (try their rose wine) on Tuesdays. Friday is time for sumptuous brunch and check their Facebook page for upcoming live music. i really love the mix of different people you see there and by no means it is a stuffy place, though later in the night it gets busier.


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Why you should visit it

This is the perfect place to see what people live in Dubai, as there are always such a mix of cultures. the atmosphere is cool and relaxed, you can sense that everyone just wants to have good time, so don't be surprised if you strike conversation with friendly staff or guest.

Special tip

Visit this bar at around 8pm to see it in its glory and closer to 11pm to catch a DJ or live music.

Lock Stock & Barrel
8th Floor, Grand Millennium Hotel Dubai, Barsha Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Su: 14:00-03:00

Mon-Th: 16:00-03:00

Fr: 13:00-03:00

Sa: 14:00-03:00

+971 4 514 9195
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