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Oldest Radical bookshop in Ireland

Connolly Books

Why locals love it

Founded in the 1930's, and still run by, the Communist Party of Ireland to promote the writings of James Connolly - as well as Marx, Engels and Lenin. These works are still their main trade but they also carry a growing number of books as Gaeilge (in Irish), political t-shirts as well as a coffee dock. The premises is shared with a small theatre.



Why you should visit it

Worth a look are the Irish Citizen Army & International Brigade commemorative plaques that adorn the front of the shop and give some clue to the nature of the books within. The shop is very informal & welcoming in nature with in depth political discussions merging with debates over music and accusations of tea made badly. Questions are welcome.

Special tip

Friday afternoons (approx. 1pm) an Irish conversation circle takes place with fluent & learner speakers practicing the language amidst book browsers

Connolly Books
43 Essex St E, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 Y306, Ireland
+353 1 670 8707
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